About EPcycling

EPcycling is an electric bicycle manufacturing company founded in 2015.

In the past few years, EPcycling has completed the renewal iteration of the arrow long-endurance series from the original ARROW1 to the current ARROW10, and has been recognized by the market and received good feedback.
From last year, our team of engineers began to initiate multi-series research and development on EPcycling brand models and put them into production. We now have 10+ models, including mountain electric bikes, folding bikes, snow bikes, fat tire bikes, commuter bikes, and so on. And online sales and promotion of various series of models, intended to send better electric bicycles directly to consumers around the world, so that they can ride more easily and enjoy the freedom and happiness that cycling brings.

At the same time, we also carry out OEM production for other brands, and we have a first-class team of designers and engineers. We can develop, design and customize according to customer needs, and produce high-quality electric bicycles.

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